Making $$$

20 Mar

At the beginning of every Spring semester I always have the same question, “Where in the world will I work this summer???” Thankfully, Meredith has tons of resources to help find jobs and internships! Academic & Career Planning’s website has tips for writing your resume and going on interviews,  job listings that you can search, and even more resources, too. During the school year, they also have resume workshops, give interview practice sessions, and are available to help you look for jobs. They also offer help for finding grad schools and practicing for graduate school tests.

I have gone to the resume workshops to get advice for mine and I’ve searched for jobs on their website many times. The summer after my freshman year I found a great internship at a company that makes college directories, planners, and other media. I applied through the Career Planning website and I got the internship! I liked it so much I worked there again last summer, and I’m going to work there again this summer, too! The great thing about Meredith’s Academic & Career Planning resources is that they are available to students and alums indefinitely, no matter when you graduate.


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