A New President

25 Mar

You may have heard that Meredith has a new President this year, Dr. Jo Allen. On Thursday, Dr. Allen was inaugurated to her new role and became the first Meredith alumna to be president of the college! Everyone boarded buses on Thursday morning and headed to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium for the ceremony, which was attended by students, faculty, and alumnae. It was a special and exciting day for everyone, but most of all for President Allen, I think.

She seems to embody many of the things Meredith represents. I’ve had the opportunity to meet her once or twice, and it is evident she has a love for Meredith and appreciates the college’s roots and strengths. However, she also seems to have a clear direction she would like to see Meredith to progress in and ideas to improve in weak areas. This is a good mixture, because of course we ought to always progress and improve, but at the same time, it would be foolish to forget what makes Meredith “Meredith.” The catch phrase for the inauguration was “Remembering Our Roots, Extending Our Reach,” which seems to capture both of these sentiments well. Watch what President Allen had to say at the Inauguration!



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