Another Angel!

31 Mar

Yesterday I bought my sister her first (of many) Meredith t-shirts! It looks like she will be joining me at MC in the fall, and I, of course, am thrilled! Choosing your college can be difficult and confusing, but somehow I knew she would come here all along. I asked her what she likes best about Meredith, and she said she likes the programs for the majors she’s interested in, she gets to continue living with me, and Meredith just feels like home! Needless to say, I am very happy that she will be an angel! Mainly this is because I have grown to love Meredith so much and I want her to be able to experience it, too.

I’m sure some of you might be trying to make decisions about where you will go to college, or maybe you already have decided. Just remember to think about where you seem to fit in the best and where you can imagine being for the next four years. I decided to come to Meredith because I felt welcome here. On the visitation days I attended, the students, faculty, and staff were kind and helpful, and some even remembered my name. I knew that if I became a student here, I would be able to be a part of a community, not just another student or a number. The small size of the college has allowed me to build personal relationships with the faculty and to have opportunities I wouldn’t get otherwise. Good luck with your decision making! I’m looking forward to seeing my sister along with many other new faces on campus in Fall 2012!


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